Virtual Serial Ports Emulator dari

Virtual Serial Ports Emulator
The emulation solution

Version information: 0.938.4.846
  • Added Spy device
  • TcpServer and TcpClient devices now supports COM port read-only and COM port write-only modes
  • Fixed bug with localization of the device properties dialog
  • Added ability to reorganize devices (move up and down) when emulation is stopped
  • Fixed bug with COM port speed selection from Combo box (added missed values)
  • Reinitialization of failed devices (see Preferences => Advanced tab) disabled by default
  • Fixed French translation
  • File data stream: added output ability, now it can be used to write output to file
  • Updated documentation

VSPE is intended to help software engineers and developers to create/debug/test applications that use serial ports. It is able to create various virtual devices to transmit/receive data. Unlike regular serial ports, virtual devices have special capabilities: for example, the same device can be opened more than once by different applications, that can be useful in many cases. With VSPE you are able to share physical serial port data for several applications, expose serial port to local network (via TCP protocol), create virtual serial port device pairs and so on.

Key features
  • Virtual device: connector
  • Virtual device: data splitter
  • Virtual device: pair
  • Mapper device
  • User mode device: TcpServer
  • User mode device: TcpClient
  • User mode device: Serial Redirector
  • User mode device: UDP Manager
  • User mode device: Bridge
  • Python scripting system
  • x86 and x86_64 processor architecture support
  • VSPE API (C/C++ header and static library) for native language developers
  • VSPE API Python bindings for Python developers
  • Embedded HTTP server
  • Data monitoring
  • Operating system: Windows 2000, XP, Vista (32/64), Windows 7
FREE license for 32 bit platform (x86)

Virtual Serial Ports Emulator is a FREEWARE program on 32 bit platform and can be used absolutely free for any purpose.

FOR DEVELOPERS: You can also use FREE VSPE API key located in the distribution package to get access to internal VSPE functions.

FREE 32 bit platform VSPE API key (x86 only)

Please look for the FREE 32 bit VSPE API key in the distribution package (VSPE_API_32_KEY.txt in Please note, that this key is valid for the current version only! After installing new VSPE version, you should replace old key with the new one.


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